Sunday, January 16, 2011

Arlington Road - L'inganno

Arlington Road - L'inganno

At beginning of the scene, we can see that there is a boy walking alone in the middle of the street. There are voices in his head, echoing, as he is moving and we know that he is trying to stay in conscious as he is dragging himself on the street. The first part, the imagine of the boy was blur as he walked weakly while holding his arm, but we only know for sure he was badly hurt when we noticed blood started to drip on the road and on his shoes. The intense in his eyes when the camera caught it was unbearable. We can see the pain he is going through and him trying to survive and stay focus on the street. He was sweating and his eyes rolling upwards as he tried to endure the pain. The echo gives us a glimpse of his memory on what might had happen before he was on the street. Phrases such as “what are you waiting for” and “are you chicken or what” shows that he might had got himself involve in a silly dare. It is obvious he is still traumatize by what might had happen to him and he sometimes looked back to see if there is anyone following him. In short, he most probable escaped from something and he started to move faster when he realised he might be followed. It is not until the man in the car grabbed him and asked what had happen did he only snapped out from his delusion and came back to reality. The sudden rush of pain he did not realise before made him cried in agony. The cry was unbearable and the man quickly took him into his car to send him to the hospital. There is a change of mood before and after the man showed up. Before, the whole scene was more on a suspend mode and the haunting whispers from the boy’s head. After, the whole scene was fast racing with the music beats pumping into our hearts. From the scene we can see that the man was scared and panicking which sets the mood to another level.

Against the wind

Against the Wind

From the lyrics “Against the Wind” by Bob Seger, we can easily summarize it as something about life, the obstacles we will face from our youth to adult hood. There are three main verses which also tell us that there are 3 main stages in life. In the first verse, it is about the passion of youth. Everything was so full of promises and life until we looked back at it when we grow up, we felt stupid that we believed in all those fairy tales. It is obvious that the narrator was deeply in love with the girl named Janey and the passion between them made them never doubt reality. It is toward the end that the narrator “wished I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then” which shows that he is more mature now and is able to see realistically about life. The first verse ended with the chorus of running against the wind whereby he justified that it is alright for them to run against the forces of life because they were young and na├»ve. There is no guilt in wishing and believing something when youths are young and passionate. The second verse shows us that the narrator had moved on to the society in life. He found himself being neglected and lonely in the world full of strangers as he stepped into the real world. “There were oh so many roads” suggest that life had offered him many opportunities but he was not wise enough to choose which he should take. He just wanted to run free and wild without responsibility, “breaking all of the rules that would bend”. This verse shows how youth sees life, they want freedom from worries and responsibility yet in the end, they know that they have to search what they would eventually have to do with their life sooner or later. The second verse ended with the narrator “seeking shelter” as he feels the force of life. The third verse tells us that time had pass and people eventually change. The narrator is no longer a wild “cowboy” but had tamed himself and now holds responsibility in life. However, even though the narrator is now an adult, he still looked back at the times when he was able to run freely against the wind. He had experience life and holds no regrets.